• CAP-400 Brake pin should have a fw configured pull-down or "low level" at startup
  • CAP-398 0x6073 register does not work correctly
  • CAP-395 Register BiSS-C polarity is writing to the register frame type
  • CAP-379 Apply software multi-turn on multi-turn absolute encoders
  • CAP-376 Manufacturer specific serial number returns wrong values
  • CAP-336 Add timeout in fault reaction state
  • CAP-290 Halt input functionality is not working and the halt input register shows random values
  • CAP-284 Add torque control block
  • CAP-263 Incremental encoder against halls error option code naming error
  • CAP-179 Ibus readings are always 0


  • CAP-343 Make velocity and position PID parameters pdo mappable
  • CAP-316 Improve EMCY error messages management

This version introduces new storable registers. It is necessary to follow the standard after-update procedure which includes:

  • Save the drive configuration to a file.
  • Restore the drive to defaults.
  • Load the drive configuration file again.

Known issues



Max and min position limits not working

CAP-311Cable disconnection reaction is always faultNone.
CAP-313Register BiSS2 frame size is not being storedIf using BiSS-C 2, re-configure BiSS-C 2 frame after power up before operation.


Error management registers not seen in EtherCAT. They don't appear in the offline dictionary (ESI), only in the online dictionaryUse SDO Info service.
CAP-410Velocity out of limits error is not workingNone.
CAP-413Register Command source 1 cannot be stored in NVMIf being used, set it again after each power cycle.