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New Feature

  • Capitan CANopen version
  • CAP-434 Add error bit warning for BP3 absolute encoder
  • CAP-432 Add absolute encoder offset


  • CAP-478 Implement ICMP ping
  • CAP-424 Create register to consult all the received BISS-C frame bits


  • CAP-418 Velocity control loop is not following the set-point, it is always below
  • CAP-222 Link LEDs are not working properly
  • CAP-215 Max and min position limits not working

Known issues

CAP-498User i2t option code doesn't allow to generate a fault
CAP-503Analog value is missing on CAP-NET-C
CAP-499Ethernet LED signalling wrong behaviour
CAP-471Ethernet IP is fixed to
MOT3-2232Capitan CANopen devices are not recognized by Motionlab3 (1.4.4 or previous)
Store all in Capitan EtherCAT doesn't work in MotionLab3 (1.4.4 or previous)
MOT3-2247Motionlab crashes when doing a Save All in Capitan EtherCAT
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