• CAP-605 EtherCAT register 0x6502 value is wrong
  • CAP-586 Drive moves 1 entire revolution when settings absolute encoder offset and position range settings
  • CAP-579 Register 0x60F4 cannot be mapped into PDO
  • CAP-568 Fake soft-multiturn is happening when the encoder position oscillates around "0" 
  • CAP-560 EoE Virtual MAC (Mandatory parameter) is not set properly during EoE configuration
  • CAP-520 Missing register drive number of axis 
  • CAP-175 Fix loop frequencies values
  • CAP-584 ECAT cable disconnection error detected during boot up


  • CAP-381 Improve Bus Voltage utilization
  • CAP-587 Add subnode information to system error management
  • CAP-539 Improve error notification
  • CAP-330 Decrease ADC sampling time
  • CAP-498 User I2T option code doesn't allow to generate a fault

New Feature

  • CAP-538 Add subnode 1 store and restore registers
  • CAP-507 Implement torque loop registers
  • CAP-527 Create registers to reset and monitor PID integral
  • CAP-522 Implement subnode 0 product Identification registers
  • CAP-591 Implement 0x6007 register in ECAT
  • CAP-331 Make ADC sampling delay configurable

Known issues

CAP-615EoE ethernet link is lost after long periodsEnable mailbox polling option on EtherCAT master

This version introduces new storable registers. It is necessary to follow a special update procedure:

  • Save the drive configuration to a file.
  • Restore the drive to defaults.
  • Update to the new firmware.
  • Load again the drive configuration from the previously saved file.

It may be necessary to redo the phasing.