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EtherCAT specifications

Ports available


LED Signals

Status LED

Link/Act LED

Supported Mailbox

CoE, FoE, EoE

SDO info


Segmented SDO


SDO complete access


Modes of Operation

DS402 drive device profile

  • Voltage mode

  • Current mode

  • Cyclic Synchronous Current Mode (Note 1)

  • Profile Velocity

  • Profile Position

  • Homing modes

  • Interpolated Position Mode

  • Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode (Note 1)

  • Cyclic Synchronous Velocity Mode (Note 1)

  • Cyclic Synchronous Torque Mode (Note 1)

Synchronization modes

SM synchronous

Distributed clock

Process data object


Up to 64 bytes in each direction.

Up to 15 different registers can be mapped in each direction.

EtherCAT® is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation
GmbH, Germany.

Note 1: Max. Update rate up to 250 μs (4 kHz) to keep a latency of 2-3 cycles
Using PWM ≥ 50 kHz & PDO size 11 bytes

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