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Version 1.1.10


  • [EMCL-13] - Wrong reading on analog input feedback
  • [EMCL-56] - Target reached does not work in Prof. Velocity when using Position control loop
  • [EMCL-60] - Interpolate Position mode enable/disable sequence problem
  • [EMCL-64] - User I2T does not limit correctly
  • [EMCL-74] - UART Tx Enable Pin does not respect timing
  • [EMCL-75] - Monitoring in Velocity mode with position control loop does not work


  • [EMCL-55] - Emercency message COB-ID should be saved into NVM
  • [EMCL-61] - Use Revision number (standard) instead of EDS version (man. specific)
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