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Version 1.1.6


  • [EMCL-2] - Fault state (CiA-402) does not activate brake
  • [EMCL-3] - Configuring Analog Halls as position feedback without connecting them causes a software reset
  • [EMCL-5] - Non allowed Digital halls combination error cannot be reseted
  • [EMCL-7] - Target velocity update is processed out of Operation Enable state and should not


  • [EMCL-4] - Decrease open loop scalar frequency to mHz
  • [EMCL-6] - Current loop should work in thousands of rated current/torque instead of ADC
  • [EMCL-8] - Add monitoring to cyclic position mode
  • [EMCL-29] - Add user available scaling of Torque / Flux PI constants

New Feature

  • [EMCL-10] - UART messages lost in high traffic demand
  • [EMCL-28] - Add motor parameters register (V/M/SEC)
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