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Version 1.2.0


  • [EMCL-71] - Not allowed digital hall error on voice coil motor
  • [EMCL-94] - Incorrect initial movement using the internal generator and the system polarity inverted
  • [EMCL-102] - Incorrect calculation of the torque limit


  • [EMCL-22] - Linear Halls values should be updated in open loop scalar mode
  • [EMCL-82] - Include analog input information in Hardware Configuration file
  • [EMCL-83] - Include analog DAC outputs information
  • [EMCL-89] - Add a new register with Macro parameters
  • [EMCL-91] - Implement limit bit of statusword
  • [EMCL-92] - Save some General purpose registers to NVM
  • [EMCL-93] - Separate USB and UART modules
  • [EMCL-106] - Add new HW config register: number of HW available registers
  • [EMCL-109] - Reverse BLDC excitation to improve Digital Hall wizard

New Feature

  • [EMCL-43] - Add Analog Reference Voltage to HW configuration
  • [EMCL-66] - Add CSV, CST and review CSP
  • [EMCL-95] - Add Monitoring mode to CST, CSV and CSP
  • [EMCL-101] - Add digital input & output polarity into HW config
  • [EMCL-104] - Add health output
  • [EMCL-105] - Add new register for digital output polarity.
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