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Version 2.1.0


  • [EMCL-157] - GPO mapped with a functionality is being affected by state of others GPO
  • [EMCL-177] - Wrong communication with NVM when using RS232 daisy chain
  • [EMCL-190] - Shunt output is not working properly in Venus drive
  • [EMCL-193] - False Lifeguard Timeout detected after some hours of working
  • [EMCL-194] - CANopen parameters (0x2001) are not saved into the NVM
  • [EMCL-195] - Bootstrap, brake, phasing and homing timeout could fail in some situations
  • [EMCL-203] - Motor backemf constant request through CANopen does not work and generates a Soft Reset
  • [EMCL-206] - Daisy chain is not working correctly if the UART CRC is active
  • [EMCL-207] - Default object values are not loaded correctly (ECAT)
  • [EMCL-208] - Interpolation factor default value is wrong
  • [EMCL-210] - Current actual value is updated only after polling


  • [EMCL-165] - Use Analog reference voltage register internally
  • [EMCL-185] - Reduce UART error messages
  • [EMCL-209] - Set NVM errors into the manufacturer area

New Feature

  • [EMCL-19] - Add macro copy protection
  • [EMCL-154] - Add PWM maximum duty cycle in HW configuration parameters
  • [EMCL-160] - Include communication interface information in HW configuration parameters
  • [EMCL-161] - Include available feedbacks in HW configuration parameters
  • [EMCL-162] - Include number available phase mask in HW configuration parameters
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