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Version 2.1.1


  • [EMCL-233] - "0x6502 Supported drive modes" register is missing CSV and CST modes


  • [EMCL-236] - Change Motor parameters default values
  • [EMCL-240] - Modify register "Available phases mask" - 0x2FF0 / 0x2E
  • [EMCL-264] - SinCos multiplier factor can be modified
  • [EMCL-270] - Remove user polarity from "UART Enable GPO" feature
  • [EMCL-294] - Set the Sync1 as synchronization signal instead of latch signal

New Feature

  • [EMCL-197] - Supply from USB (For Neptune)
  • [EMCL-199] - Safe Torque Off (For Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto)
  • [EMCL-241] - Add registers "Current & Velocity/Position loop frequency" in the hardware config
  • [EMCL-243] - Add new HW config for command source availability
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