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Version 2.2.0


  • [EMCL-269] - Permanent CAN bus off error if an Ingenia drive is powered only by USB
  • [EMCL-274] - Incorrect Analog to Digital Conveter initialization if driver is powered initially by USB
  • [EMCL-278] - ECAT FW version is blocked if there is no ECAT plugin board connected
  • [EMCL-316] - Bus Voltage minimum value is not taken into account during "Ready to switch on" to Switched on" transition


  • [EMCL-258] - Remove digital current filter to reduce lag
  • [EMCL-296] - Change 0x2507 register description to "Velocity mode uses Position loop"
  • [EMCL-315] - Remove bootstrap functionality from Current offset computation
  • [EMCL-317] - Current calibration must be done once the drive enters to "Switched on" state for the first time
  • [EMCL-321] - Discard the power stage errors generated before it is powered up.

New Feature

  • [EMCL-318] - Add "High PWM frequency" option for low inductance motors
  • [EMCL-319] - Add the activation of an "analog current low pass filter" option for high noise current readings


Backward compatibility notes

Version 2.2.0 has improved the current / torque loop control performance removing an internal digital filter for the current readings. Therefore, motor configurations from older firmware version may show a different behaviour than the expected.

The new implementation allows to reach higher bandwidths and smoother response for the same controller parameters (PI) than for an older FW version. However, the new behaviour may not accomplish the system requirements. It is highly recommended to review the controller parameters from older motor configurations.

On the other hand, the ADC initialization for current readings has been improved to get a more robust drive. Some old designs may not support this new functionality. Please contact Ingenia for further information.

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