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Version 2.3.0


  • [EMCL-175] - PWM command source - is not working properly in profile position
  • [EMCL-184] - Bad initialization with step and direction command source
  • [EMCL-250] - Increase limited frequency range for PWM command source
  • [EMCL-251] - Add a deadband for 50% duty when using PWM command source
  • [EMCL-254] - Analog input offset is not used in Prop. Position mode
  • [EMCL-280] - Target position value may be overflowed using Step & Direction command source
  • [EMCL-282] - Analog command source offset should be represented in movement range
  • [EMCL-338] - PWM input signal is not working as commutation feedback
  • [EMCL-349] - Analog command source on CST loses some demand samples (only Venus)
  • [EMCL-353] - Step value is not applied in Venus (Step & Direction)
  • [EMCL-356] - Some statusword messages are lost (RS232 / USB / RS485)
  • [EMCL-359] - False power stage errors are detected in operation state
  • [EMCL-368] - Torque demand low pass filter is applied even if the Torque/Current loop is disabled
  • [EMCL-380] - PWM command source duty is inverted sometimes
  • [EMCL-398] - Torque slope is not expressed in thousand per second
  • [EMCL-415] - Problem with Analog and PWM at the limits with deadband active
  • [EMCL-416] - Changes on Analog command source requires a modification of the analog input value
  • [EMCL-425] - Linear Hall and SinCos estimated angle presents discontinuities
  • [EMCL-451] - Add object dictionary limits (EDS & XDD)
  • [EMCL-454] - RS485 is not fully compatible with SinCos feedback
  • [EMCL-461] - Brake output is accidentally enabled at power-up
  • [EMCL-465] - Velocity is not correctly computed from the position estimation when the position range is too small
  • [EMCL-475] - SinCos signals are updated at 1 kHz

New Feature

  • [EMCL-139] - Add absolute encoder SSI interface
  • [EMCL-224] - Add Quadrature and Direct Voltage duty register
  • [EMCL-291] - Add motor revolutions to the phasing computation (SinCos & Dig. Encoder)
  • [EMCL-331] - Add register to save drive name
  • [EMCL-436] - Add new type 1 to SSI absolute encoder
  • [EMCL-437] - Add new type 2 to SSI absolute encoder
  • [EMCL-449] - Add the phase voltages into the CANopen dictionary
  • [EMCL-483] - Add high resolution analog input capability


  • [EMCL-77] - Increase usability of monitor mode
  • [EMCL-107] - Increase size of monitoring mode
  • [EMCL-242] - Provide information about PWM duty, frequency and resolution when working with PWM cmd source
  • [EMCL-262] - Decrease the current loop computation delay
  • [EMCL-263] - Save Interpolation time period register (0x60C2) into the NVM
  • [EMCL-266] - Increase "Velocity Deadband" resolution
  • [EMCL-267] - Add an analog command source scaling factor
  • [EMCL-286] - Rename Analog input scaling factor to Analog input motion range
  • [EMCL-287] - Rename Velocity deadband to Analog input velocity deadband
  • [EMCL-293] - Use the SinCos multiplier factor for the phasing process
  • [EMCL-311] - Change "Analog input feedback" (0x23D0) default value
  • [EMCL-357] - Change default values of some registers
  • [EMCL-378] - Add a PWM command source scaling factor
  • [EMCL-379] - Add a PWM command source offset represented in movement range
  • [EMCL-385] - Make Digital input register (0x60FD) PDO mappable
  • [EMCL-388] - Add a manufacturer target value register to monitor the current target value
  • [EMCL-395] - Rename torque limit register to torque threshold
  • [EMCL-418] - Add PWM brake functionality in GPO3
  • [EMCL-419] - NVM cannot be read if absolute encoder is enabled
  • [EMCL-423] - Improve macro protection bit implementation
  • [EMCL-443] - Some errors are not checked when the power stage is enabled
  • [EMCL-464] - Add software multi-turn value for single-turn SSI encoders
  • [EMCL-474] - Add the trigger functionality in open loop modes



Version 2.3.0 has included some important modifications that could change the system behaviour.

Torque and current loops

The current / torque loop control performance has been improved decreasing the computation time between the input reading and the output generation.

The new implementation allows to reach higher bandwidths and smoother response for the same controller parameters (PI) compared to older FW versions. However, this improvement could slightly modify the behaviour of some already deployed applications. It is highly recommended to review the controller parameters from older motor configurations.


The next features has been modified or added in the monitoring functionality:

  • The maximum sampling rate is 10 kS/s for all mode of operation
  • The monitoring is now available in open loop modes
  • All PDO mappable and read-only registers can be mapped into the monitoring channels.

Refer to EMCL Manual for further information


Macros execution time has been modified to be more deterministic. 

It is highly recommended to review the system behaviour if it is using macros for operation.



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