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Version 2.3.1

New Feature

  • [EMCL-480] - Add external ADC HW config registers
  • [EMCL-518] - Add disturbance module


  • [EMCL-384] - Make Profile Velocity register PDO mappable
  • [EMCL-495] - Add the internal generator command source for velocity modes
  • [EMCL-520] - Move registers 0x2602 & 0x2603 to other index


  • [EMCL-468] - Current reading before activating commutation is wrong
  • [EMCL-477] - Square oscillation uses amplitude parameter different than the sinusoidal oscillation
  • [EMCL-504] - Not all RPDO registers are included into the Monitoring mapping
  • [EMCL-508] - Incorrect monitoring mapping values
  • [EMCL-515] - Actual torque value -5035 when starting up juptier
  • [EMCL-516] - Rename Internal target value register
  • [EMCL-521] - Errors 0x22AX must be errors and errors 0x228X must be warnings
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