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Firmware 1.3.1

This version adds new storable registers from the previous releases. If your drive has a configuration in the non-volatile memory, this new registers will be loaded with unknown values. Follow the next steps to fix it:

  1. Save your configuration using MotionLab3
  2. Restore defaults configuration
  3. Power cycle the board
  4. Load your configuration

New Feature

  • [SUMMIT-668] - As a user I would like to be able control the brake using two different outputs voltage (activation & holding)
  • [SUMMIT-1337] - As a user I would like to control direct & quadrature current components when working in CSC mode
  • [SUMMIT-792] - Add motor current register.
  • [SUMMIT-1641] - Synchronize motion control loops using external input Sync 0.
  • [SUMMIT-1647] - Add Health functionality into IO.
  • [SUMMIT-1457] - First capture of monitoring is done before the specified trigger delay.
  • [SUMMIT-515] - Add position range limits for endless positioning systems.


  • [SUMMIT-1659] - Add a register to read current loop frequency and add registers to access to voltage commands 
  • [SUMMIT-1347] - Allow to modify the baudrate for absolute encoder interfaces.
  • [SUMMIT-359] - Parameters range limited to drive capabilities.
  • [SUMMIT-1673] - Force I2T fault reaction when internal I2T is triggered even if current loop is enabled
  • [SUMMIT-1124] - Add more options for Motor temperature sensors


  • [SUMMIT-1660] - Wrong drive behavior if SYNC0 signal is enabled
  • [SUMMIT-1480] - Forced alignment method stops some feedbacks after phasing execution.
  • [SUMMIT-1490] - First cyclic message (MCB) contains 0 instead of data from motion core.
  • [SUMMIT-1696] - On velocity mode, velocity readings (with digital encoder) and control cant be done until 20 seconds later

Known issues



First forced alignment with halls after having done another forced alignment with another feedback, fails

If forced alignment result is not a multiple of 0.166666 (including 0.0 and 1.0), change commutation feedback to internal generator, then change commutation feedback back to digital halls and perform phasing again.

Position range limits is failing around 0.


Secondary SSI baudrate 100 kHz does not work.

Use 200 kHz.
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