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Firmware 1.6.0


  • [SUMMIT-2039] - Homing and limit switch registers default value should be 0
  • [SUMMIT-2040] - STO config register has a value different from default
  • [SUMMIT-2052] - Hall polarity not applied
  • [SUMMIT-2057] - Phase disconnection in BLDC should be shadowed
  • [SUMMIT-2097] - Reference phasing with dig. halls fails sometimes on boot-up
  • [SUMMIT-2105] - Profiler mode doesn't change correctly sometimes
  • [SUMMIT-2106] - Runaway happens when changing from velocity mode to position mode
  • [SUMMIT-2136] - IP buffer is cleared using force clear but it cannot be filled until operation disable is requested
  • [SUMMIT-2143] - Storable communication watchdog register is not stored into NVM
  • [SUMMIT-2146] - Quick stop option code can have values out of scope
  • [SUMMIT-2147] - Some values of the Brake Activation/Holding Voltage Percentage registers are not well represented
  • [SUMMIT-2148] - Add BiSS-C gray BP3 frame type
  • [SUMMIT-2149] - The duty is generated with double of configured dead-time

New Feature

  • [SUMMIT-2088] - Add quick stop option as fault reaction code to keep the motor enabled at 0 rpm
  • [SUMMIT-2111] - Add latching bits for current loop errors and a bit for derating


  • [SUMMIT-2109] - Add warning information into the error list
  • [SUMMIT-2150] - Increase feedback sampling determinism
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