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Firmware 1.6.2

If your drive version is older than 1.5.0, use Motionlab 3 (1.3.0 version or higher) FTP bootloader tool to update it.

Using older Motionlab version will lock the drive permanently in bootloader state

Important changes

All Ethernet communication protocols (EoE and standard Ethernet) are implemented over UDP instead of TCP since this version.

The protocol implemented over TCP was overriding some of the functionalities already available on the TCP protocol itself:

  • Acknowledgment
  • Segmentation

These was an inefficient solution because both protocols were adding additional bytes to the frame to manage these features. Transitioning to UDP removes some of these extra bytes making the data utilization higher. For further details about the protocol implemented over UDP go to this page.


  • [SUMMIT-2183] - CANopen LSS identity is not correctly initialized and this makes that LSS is not answered
  • [SUMMIT-2186] - Optimization of bus voltage utilization
  • [SUMMIT-2205] - Motion core watchdog is generating an error even if it is receiving messages periodically
  • [SUMMIT-2206] - Missing enumeration on Operation mode display
  • [SUMMIT-2207] - Power Stage Frequency does not have enumerator
  • [SUMMIT-2225] - Profile velocity mode does not work properly when actual position (digital encoder 1 value) overflows
  • [SUMMIT-2268] - Reference angle offset must be RW
  • [SUMMIT-2285] - EtherCAT and CANopen register 0x607D software position limits has the subindexs swapped

New Feature

  • [SUMMIT-2232] - Implement HALT functionality
  • [SUMMIT-2245] - Include EtherCAT offline dictionary into summit devices


  • [SUMMIT-2211] - CANopen and EtherCAT should be identified by the revision number
  • [SUMMIT-2215] - All option code registers must have an enumerator
  • [SUMMIT-2216] - Digital Encoder 1 & 2 should be renamed to Incremental Encoder 1 & 2
  • [SUMMIT-2219] - Positive, Negative Switch limits & Quick stop should have enumerators
  • [SUMMIT-2234] - Product identification registers must be available on communication core
  • [SUMMIT-2241] - Implement halt option code in ethercat and canopen
  • [SUMMIT-2246] - Apply ADC timings obtained during the VBUS utilization analysis
  • [SUMMIT-2247] - implement udp server (canopen)

Known issues





Brake PWM is not generated.

Avoid using this version if brake has to be used with certain duties of PWM.
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