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Firmware 1.7.0


New Feature

  • [SUMMIT-1848] - Add position option codes for supporting endless position applications
  • [SUMMIT-2274] - Add a third power stage temperature sensor available on the new product line.
  • [SUMMIT-2331] - Add an out of range current sensing protection that will protect the system for every VGA option


  • [SUMMIT-1927] - Improve derating algorithm
  • [SUMMIT-2328] - Update the derating curves according to product nominal current revision

Known issues

SUMMIT-2407Torque constant 0x5D00 is not stored from CAN/ECAT 0x1010Use Motionlab store button for these parameters.
SUMMIT-2270EMCY is not working and neither registers 0x1001 and 0x1003Use manufacturer-specific registers for error management
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