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Firmware 2.2.1


  • EVR-901 Derivative part of the PIDs can add undesired dynamics when it is supposed to be deactivated
  • EVR-896 CTT error resulted from test from eve-xcr-c running
  • EVR-888 Wrong absolute encoder registers ranges
  • EVR-868 0x607B and 0x607D registers are not being updated in CDM when modified from ML3
  • EVR-863 Activating a default PDO makes lost communication with drive
  • EVR-856 Missing enum for register set feedback power supply status
  • EVR-804 Drive can't buffer more than one EMCY message
  • EVR-803 Ping is not working with EoE configured
  • EVR-797 CiA402 conversions are not correctly initialized at startup, it is needed to read certain registers to prevent this
  • EVR-796 ECAT maximum size mapping wrong behavior
  • EVR-794 Max current CiA register has wrong units, A instead of ‰ rated current
  • EVR-774 The MAC address (coming from the ECAT master) is not taken by the drive
  • EVR-771 Added external error enum into XDF
  • EVR-760 Halt is not working properly in some modes

New Feature

  • EVR-836 Add global system reset for NET and XCR variants

Known issues


Manufacturer specific Store/restore all return wrong error codes (CANopen)

EVR-898Default values read from the drive are not the same as those in the EDS file (CANopen)None

Register comms cycle timeout 0x5EC5 is not being stored in CAN FW


Registers monitoring-disturbance channel map cannot be written

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