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Firmware 2.6.0


COCOAPP-41 Halt bit was not processed when set through the CiA Control word (0x6040).

COCOAPP-42 CANopen heartbeat is wrongly disabled after the Reset Communications event (NMT state machine).

MOCOAPP-86 Fix status word bit 12 behavior (Set-point acknowledge) for PP. Switch limits active bit (previously bit 12) was moved to bit 11.

MOCOAPP-89 Bit 12 does not work in CST mode.

MOCOAPP-83 Fixed behavior of the abs/rel bit in the Control Word (0x2010 & 0x6040).

MOCOAPP-87 Status word target reached not working properly on relative position.

MOCOAPP-88 Max and min positions don't work properly in profile position mode when a relative position is commanded.

The relative position mode uses the last set-point as the initial condition for computing the profiler. This usually matches the position demand value except for the first movement after reaching the operation enable state.


COCOAPP-47 & COCOAPP-49 Communications error management has been updated to be safer in EtherCAT networks.

Summit drives implemented two errors on top of the standard EtherCAT error management mechanism:

  • Cable disconnection

  • Lack of PDO cycle detection

These two errors have been removed and now only the standard EtherCAT mechanism is used. The rationale:

  • The cable disconnection is only useful in a P2P connection during commissioning. In a standard EtherCAT network (daisy chain), the sync manager watchdog and DC synchronization issues detection already cover this mechanism. The cable disconnection error was triggered in some scenarios where was not helping or protecting properly the system.

  • The Lack of PDO cycle detection is covered by the sync manager watchdog protection, so there was a redundancy in this protection.

Sync manager watchdog timeout is linked to error 0xFF43.

From this release, cable disconnection protection (0xFF43) is only working in the EtherCAT Operational state.

For clearing the detection of the error 0xFF43, it is required a transition from PreOperational to Operational. The behavior of this error can be set through register 0x6007 - Abort Option code.

Known issues





Wrong value conversion between homing speeds (CiA to manufacturer).



Feedback CLK not being reset after changing the refresh rate.



Default MAC address is inverted.



Register 0x1003 subindex 1 returns an error code when connecting to the device using MotionLab 1.5.0 through CAN. It does not affect the drive functionality and will be fixed in future MotionLab release.



Drive wrongly enters in ERR PREOP state after daisy chain reconnection


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