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Firmware 1.1.0

New Feature

  • [SUMMIT-1355] - Add auxiliar feedback and raw values
  • [SUMMIT-1497] - Add monitoring support for Ethernet (and EoE) communication
  • [SUMMIT-1549] - Add disturbance support for Ethernet (and EoE) communication


  • [SUMMIT-1531] - Max current must trigger a current out of limits fault in voltage mode
  • [SUMMIT-1605] - As a user, I'd like to have the PDO Last Error value mapped


  • [SUMMIT-1343] - Homing on current position must be executed out of operation enable state
  • [SUMMIT-1414] - Operation mode is not being stored in non-volatile memory
  • [SUMMIT-1453] - Wrong behaviour of STO ABNORMAL fault
  • [SUMMIT-1471] - External fault pin default config should not produce an error
  • [SUMMIT-1568] - Profiler acceleration / deceleration must not have negative values with current implementation
  • [SUMMIT-1569] - External error has higher priority than user over/under voltage/temperatures
  • [SUMMIT-1585] - Max. current should not accept negative values
  • [SUMMIT-1603] - Current calibration is interrupted by state machine and is not performed correctly
  • [SUMMIT-1623] - Internal generator number of cycles are not applied correctly
  • [SUMMIT-1632] - Current range not read correctly
  • [SUMMIT-1342] - Some registers are not compliant with DS402 profile

Known issues



First forced alignment with halls after having done another forced alignment with another feedback, fails

If forced alignment result is not a multiple of 0.166666 (including 0.0 and 1.0), change commutation feedback to internal generator, then change commutation feedback back to digital halls and perform phasing again.

Derating is applied to user nominal current instead drive maximum current

Set motor rated current parameter to 60.0 A
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