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Firmware 1.5.0

If your drive version is older than 1.5.0, use Motionlab 3 (1.3.0 version or higher) FTP bootloader tool to update it.

Using older Motionlab version will lock the drive permanently in bootloader state

New Feature

  • [SUMMIT-1913] - Implement lifeguard, heartbeat and other CANopen standard objects
  • [SUMMIT-1965] - Add an over-voltage digital filter into its comparator to avoid undesired peak detections



  • [SUMMIT-1955] - LSS device scan (through SDO) fails
  • [SUMMIT-1966] - PWM pulse in Low-Sides happens during MoCo boot-up
  • [SUMMIT-1967] - Halls are not properly configured after power on

Known issues





CANopen default NodeID must be 32, not 10.
If the drive was working the default nodeID, it has changed to 10.

NodeID can be changed using LSS commands, see Layer Setting Services (LSS).
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