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Firmware 1.5.2

If your drive version is older than 1.5.0, use Motionlab 3 (1.3.0 version or higher) FTP bootloader tool to update it.

Using older Motionlab version will lock the drive permanently in bootloader state


  • [SUMMIT-2020] - CANopen - Bad initialization if baudrate index take wrong values
  • [SUMMIT-2022] - CANopen - Identity parameters not updated in LSS after NMT reset.
  • [SUMMIT-2023] - Profile 402 registers are not saved in Non volatile memory
  • [SUMMIT-2034] - PDO mapping cannot be changed on EtherCAT devices

New Feature


  • [SUMMIT-1981] - Add missing CiA-402 objects (0x6083 - Prof. Acceleration, 0x6084 - Prof. Deceleration, 0x6081 - Prof. Velocity, 0x60F2 - Position Option Code)

Known issues





CANopen subindex0 registers name have the same name of the whole object in EDS.

This does not affect to correct behaviour.


CANopen PDO mapping objects are bigger than 8 subindexs and 0x1A03 is missing in EDS.


When forcing a fault in velocity mode and enabling motor, existent set-point is not applied automatically, with automatic latching setting.


Profile velocity doesn't auto-latch when changing operation mode dynamically.

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