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Firmware 1.6.0

If your drive version is older than 1.5.0, use Motionlab 3 (1.3.0 version or higher) FTP bootloader tool to update it.

Using older Motionlab version will lock the drive permanently in bootloader state


  • [SUMMIT-2039] - Homing and limit switch registers default value should be 0
  • [SUMMIT-2040] - STO config register has a value different from default
  • [SUMMIT-2041] - Store All and Restore All registers can't be read
  • [SUMMIT-2052] - Hall polarity not applied
  • [SUMMIT-2057] - Phase disconnection in BLDC should be shadowed
  • [SUMMIT-2097] - Reference phasing with dig. halls fails sometimes on boot-up
  • [SUMMIT-2105] - Profiler mode doesn't change correctly sometimes
  • [SUMMIT-2106] - Runaway happens when changing from velocity mode to position mode
  • [SUMMIT-2135] - Communication state control parameter cannot be modified by a NET/XCR user.
  • [SUMMIT-2136] - IP buffer is cleared using force clear but it cannot be filled until operation disable is requested
  • [SUMMIT-2143] - Storable communication watchdog register is not stored into NVM
  • [SUMMIT-2146] - Quick stop option code can have values out of scope
  • [SUMMIT-2147] - Some values of the Brake Activation/Holding Voltage Percentage registers are not well represented
  • [SUMMIT-2148] - Add BiSS-C gray BP3 frame type
  • [SUMMIT-2149] - The duty is generated with double of configured dead-time
  • [SUMMIT-2151] - Register 0x2618 cannot be written through EtherCAT SDO

New Feature

  • [SUMMIT-2025] - Implement CANopen bootloader.
  • [SUMMIT-2088] - Add quick stop option as fault reaction code to keep the motor enabled at 0 rpm
  • [SUMMIT-2111] - Add latching bits for current loop errors and a bit for derating


  • [SUMMIT-1983] - Make PDO COBID storable and restore them if node id changes
  • [SUMMIT-2109] - Add warning information into the error list*
  • [SUMMIT-2141] - Add monitoring/disturbances info (Buffer size, frequency divider)
  • [SUMMIT-2150] - Increase feedback sampling determinism

SUMMIT-2109 *

Older motionlab version will show all warnings as an unknown error. Look for the error code on this page Error Management Everest

Known issues





CANopen LSS identity is not correctly initialized and this makes that LSS is not answered

Before using CANopen LSS, read the identity register 0x1018, all subindexs, through SDO. After that LSS is fully operative.
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