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Firmware 1.7.2


  • SUMMIT-2611 Errors reported when accessing ETH params in EtherCAT
  • SUMMIT-2605 Serial number is not working properly
  • SUMMIT-2602 Position following error in EtherCAT and CAN 0x60F4 not corresponding with Motionlab values
  • SUMMIT-2601 Positioning option code 0x60F2 reads always 0 in EtherCAT and CAN
  • SUMMIT-2590 Correct MCBus vulnerability that makes that communications can be lost

  • SUMMIT-2557 0x6073 register does not work correctly
  • SUMMIT-2549 ESI file mismatches in FW versions >= 1.7.1. Add files for legacy products
  • SUMMIT-2543 CANopen lifeguard not working properly
  • SUMMIT-2516 Absolute encoder overflow does not work correctly when moving the motor
  • SUMMIT-2508 CANopen register 0x6077 (torque actual value) mapped in PDO crashes the drive
  • SUMMIT-2463 Power Stage actual maximum temperature takes value 0 when ambient temperature is negative
  • SUMMIT-2456 The actual position could be increased / decreased one undesired turn when absolute encoder polarity is inverted
  • SUMMIT-2438 Linear Motor Temperature sensor should not be affected by Pull-up value or pull-up voltage
  • SUMMIT-2416 Motor temperature sensor supplied at 3.3V are not correctly read
  • SUMMIT-2258 0x6078 register does not seem to work in EtherCAT firmware version
  • SUMMIT-2179 CANopen registers 0x6077 and 0x6078 can crash in PDO
  • SUMMIT-2033 Biss-C BP3 frame type is processing error bit as warning bit

New Feature


  • SUMMIT-2483 Make velocity and position PID parameters PDO mappable
  • SUMMIT-2470 Create register to consult all the received BISS-C frame bits
  • SUMMIT-2380 Refactor all internal position variables to int32
  • SUMMIT-2360 Add the possibility to set a zero offset in absolute encoders

Known issues

SUMMIT-2407Torque constant 0x5D00 is not stored from CAN/ECAT 0x1010Use Motionlab store button for these parameters
SUMMIT-2270EMCY is not working and neither registers 0x1001 and 0x1003Use manufacturer-specific registers for error management
SUMMIT-2538CANopen lifeguard ERR LED malfunctioningNone. Is only visual, it does not affect correct functionality
SUMMIT-2603EtherCAT and CAN register 0x6502 value is wrongNone
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