• S-curve:

    • SUMMIT-2995 A positive velocity demand appears in a negative direction movement

    • SUMMIT-2806 At the end of a movement, the velocity demand is taking the velocity set-point value
    • SUMMIT-2801 High velocity command is sent when profile is latched
    • SUMMIT-2793 Acceleration discontinuity when latching new setpoints

    • SUMMIT-2792 Overshoot occurs when latching with non-zero initial velocities

    • SUMMIT-2303 When a profile position S-curve movement ends, velocity demand is set to profiler max. velocity instead of 0 rev/s
  • Object dictionary:
    • SUMMIT-2985 System last error bad data type

    • SUMMIT-2975 Some registers have incorrect names in extended versions
    • SUMMIT-2656 Torque demand register is missing in CANopen
    • SUMMIT-2657 Torque demand register has a wrong conversion
    • SUMMIT-2960 Bad access in some torque registers for extended versions
    • SUMMIT-2929 Reference angle offset register cannot be written

    • SUMMIT-2927 Missing identification registers on ECAT and CANopen dictionary

    • SUMMIT-2841 Manufacturer device name and software version are only present in online dictionary, not in the offline one (ESI file)

    • SUMMIT-2335 Motor temperature protection threshold has wrong data range
    • SUMMIT-2968 Remove deprecated current loop feedback bypass register
  • Feedbacks
    • SUMMIT-2858 Actual position is not computed correctly when absolute encoder position has 32 bits
    • SUMMIT-2840 Feedback runaway check is not working with absolute encoders
  • SUMMIT-2855 Following error bit is not updated correctly in statusword register
  • SUMMIT-2603 EtherCAT and CANopen register supported drive mode (0x6502) value is wrong
  • SUMMIT-2538 CANopen lifeguard ERR LED malfunctioning
  • SUMMIT-3004 Reference angle offset has no limits
  • SUMMIT-2884 Derivative filter of the control loop PID is wrong

  • SUMMIT-2842 Program signature CANopen register has a wrong value

  • SUMMIT-2408 Configured station alias is giving a warning in CTT

  • SUMMIT-2742 Incorrect implementation of derivative continuity feature
  • SUMMIT-2507 Halt functionality is not working


  • Monitoring and disturbance:

  • SUMMIT-2838 Change default behavior of brake override

  • SUMMIT-2871 Applied new configuration to improve DC bus utilization and current sensing at high duties
  • SUMMIT-2872 Create register to report maximum bus utilization

  • SUMMIT-1886 Improve hardware configuration registers documentation

New Feature

  • SUMMIT-2794 As a user I want to keep the IP configuration if I only want to restore the motion parameters

  • SUMMIT-1670 Add control loops error registers

  • SUMMIT-2943 Add functionality to enable or disable the +5V output of the drive

  • SUMMIT-2886 Add a protection in case packages are not received from an EtherCAT master

  • SUMMIT-2805 Implement bootloader version register in CANopen and EtherCAT networks

Known issues

SUMMIT-3047Halt is not working properly in some modes (velocity, profile velocity and profile position)-
SUMMIT-3045Motor temperature limits are not correctConfigure a valid temperature sensor
SUMMIT-3038Kd filter should not take 0 value-
SUMMIT-3059Homing on current position with limits triggers positioning errorSet the position inside the limits
SUMMIT-3058Interpolation time exponent should not take negative values-

Missing public registers on extended products XDF files


Subnode 0 registers cannot be stored/restored from 0x1010/0x1011 registers with ECAT firmware

Use  Subnode 0 store and restore all (0x5EDB, 0x5EDC)

This version introduces new storable registers. It is necessary to follow a special update procedure:

  • Save the drive configuration to a file.
  • Restore the drive to defaults.
  • Update to the new firmware.
  • Load again the drive configuration from the previously saved file.

It may be necessary to redo the phasing.