• [EVS-159] Wrong EtherCAT EMCY message when clearing a fault
  • [EVS-158] Trapezoidal commutation is being inefficient
  • [EVS-152] Index pulse of incremental encoder not working properly
  • [EVS-150] Voltage quadrature command stays around the initial value in CANopen
  • [EVS-70] Wrong bus voltage readings


  • [EVS-151] Object 0x1003 pre-defined error field wrong abort code when no error
  • [EVS-155] Refactor of absolute feedback names

New feature

  • [EVS-154] Implement 0x6062 position demand register
  • [EVS-153] Read bootloader version from NVM
  • [EVS-86] Add heartbeat consumer service in CANopen
  • [EVS-85] Implement 0x603F error code register over CANopen

Known issues

EVS-75Lower 3 bytes of the MAC address is not correct (CANopen)Do not create a LAN with more than one Capitan. If necessary, create a private LAN for each device.
Manufacturer specific Store/restore all return wrong error codes (CANopen)None

Default values read from the drive are not the same as those in the EDS file (CANopen)

EVS-122RPDO and TPODs registers have incorrect default values (CANopen)None
MOT3-2748Register 0x1003 subindex 1 returns an error code when connecting to the device using MotionLab 1.5.0 through CAN. It does not affect the drive functionality and will be fixed in future MotionLab release.None