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CANopen Specifications

Ports available

1 CAN port

LED Signals

CANopen run LED (according to CiA-303)

CANopen error LED (according to CiA-303)

Modes of operation

CiA-402 drive device profile

  • Voltage mode

  • Current mode

  • Cyclic synchronous current mode

  • Profile velocity

  • Profile position

  • Homing modes

  • Cyclic synchronous position mode

  • Cyclic synchronous velocity mode

  • Cyclic synchronous torque mode

Process data object


RPDO and TPDO 1 to 4 are available

Up to 32 bytes in each direction (RPDO or TPDO)

Up to 15 different registers can be mapped in each direction (RPDO or TPDO)

Synchronous or asynchronous transmission and reception

Service data object







Device node-ID and baudrate can be configured using this service

Supported baudrates

1 Mbps

500 kbps

250 kbps

125 kbps

50 kbps

20 kbps

10 kbps

Fast-scan service is supported

Life guard protocol



Supported heartbeat producer and consumer

Time Stamp

Supported time stamp consumer

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