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Internal generator

Summit servo drives include an internal generator that simulates feedback readings. It is useful for testing purpose or for system analysis.


Internal generator is used as commutation feedback to force the movement of a BLAC motors to analyze the behaviour of the feedbacks in the system.

It will be functional only when it is selected as some feedback source, e.g. as the commutation feedback sensor.

A set of parameters are available to configure the signal to be injected as feedback:

  • Generator mode. Indicates the main waveform of the generator output.
    Available modes are:

    ModeExampleTypical application

    Useful to force known angles or positions.
    Saw tooth

    Useful to spin the motor.

    Useful to move switch between 2 positions.
  • Generator frequency. Sets the frequency of the generated signal in Hz.


    Changing this value when the cycle number is different of 0 will set the generator value to 0. In this case, the frequency can't be changed dynamically and a rearm is required.

  • Generator cycle number. Indicates the number of times a waveform is applied. Setting a 0 will apply the waveform continuously.


    Writing to this register a value different to 0 will set the generator value to 0 until a rearm is performed. The generator value is set to 0 regardless of the mode (even in constant mode).

  • Generator rearm. Writing a 1 triggers the generation of the waveform when certain cycles are specified. It is useful when a burst is applied.
  • Generator value, generator gain and generator offset. All generated waveforms are unitary internally. Gain and offset are used to scale the result to the desired magnitude:


An application requires to simulate a commutation feedback that does 10 electrical revolutions at 1 Hz every time a master requires it. The generator configuration will be:

- Mode: Saw tooth

- Frequency: 1 Hz

- Gain: 1.0

- Offset: 0.0

- Cycle number: 10

Every time this sequence is required, the master will write a 1 into the rearm and should wait until the end of the sequence.

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