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About MotionLab2

Welcome to MotionLab, the tool for configuring and programming Ingenia Servo Drives. MotionLab is a graphical user interface for Window Operating Systems (OS) that allows for:

  • Detection of Ingenia drives connected to your PC.
  • Connection to one or multiple drives for configuration and tuning.
  • Testing the motion of your application (position, velocity, torque, oscillation, multi-point, etc...).
  • Program stand-alone applications running inside the Servo Drives.
  • Monitor information with a digital scope.

Minimum requirements

Minimum computer requirements to run MotionLab software are:

  • Microsoft Windows OS version Vista or above.
  • At least 100MB of free disk space.
  • USB or Serial COM port for controller serial connection.
  • CAN port for CAN connection (optional).
  • .NET framework 4.0

After installing the MotionLab software on your computer, you can run the application from your Start > Programs menu > Ingenia.

In order to install MotionLab software you must have Administrator privileges.

In order to provide the best user experience we recommend you to download the latest version of MotionLab

Communication Interfaces

MotionLab supports 3 physical communication interfaces:

  • USB (most commonly used)
  • RS232 serial interface
  • CAN (compatible with Kvaser, Peak-System, IXXAT, Vector and Lawicel devices)

In the About section of MotionLab, the version of the communication libraries are displayed. If the version displayed is non-available (N/A), the communication interface will not work properly. Possible causes of this care:

  • The library was not installed correctly, please try reinstalling MotionLab.
  • The DLL library is being used by another program, please close the related software programs and reopen MotionLab.
  • The drivers are not installed in the PC, please download and install the drivers from the vendor website and then reboot the PC.

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