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General Overview

You configure and test your drive using various elements, such as panels, bars, and windows that conform the MotionLab interface. This interface is described in the following chapter.


While loading MotionLab will detect any drives connected to your computer through a compatible interface. Useful tips are shown at the bottom of the window.

Main Window

MotionLab main interface is divided into six different areas.

Function Launcher

The top menu launches the main functions of MotionLab.

  • Motion
  • Scope
  • Composer
  • Options
  • About
  • Load
  • Save
  • Read
  • Write
  • Store
  • Parameters

This functions are explained in depth at their respective sections of the manual.

Drive Configuration Pagetree

Situated at the left of the window this section shows a pagetree of all the configuration windows for your drive. To access any of the configuration windows click on the respective label at the pagetree.

Disconnected Status

Connected Status

If you are connected to more than one drive you can swap between by clicking on the drive name.

To connect to a new drive or disconnect from your current drive click at the top of the Pagetree to go back to the Detected Drives window.

Detail View

The detail view is the main interface for configuring your drive. By clicking on the Drive Configuration Pagetree the Detail View will show different options.

The detail view section has two main states.

Detect Drives

This window will show up on start up and whenever you click on Drives at the left panel.


Selecting any of the options on the Left panel will open it's respective window on the Detail View.

Notifications and Registers

This section shows the current Drive Alerts and Faults and opens the Register Watcher.

Control Interface

This section gives the user a quick access to stop or enable the motor.

Make sure there are no hazards before enabling your motor.

Status Information

The status bar shows general real time information of your drive.


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