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In positioning systems, it is usually necessary to know the absolute position of the mechanics to assure correct movements. For cost reasons, most of systems do not usually use absolute encoders which provide an absolute reference, and therefore a homing process or search for an absolute reference method is mandatory. 

Parameters for homing configuration are:

Homing methodIt indicates the used homing method. An animated illustration is displayed at the right panel showing the homing sequence to be performed.
Homing accelerationIt establishes the acceleration used for all accelerations and decelerations in standard homing methods.
Homing speedsIt indicates the speeds used to locate the switch or mechanical limit and the encoder index pulse.
Home offsetIt indicates the configured difference between the zero position for the application and the machine home position.
Total homing timeoutIt indicates the maximum time allowed to complete the whole homing process. If the homing is not completed within this time, the homing process will be aborted, the statusword error bit will be raised, an emergency message will be sent and the system will execute a fault reaction.

Once homing motion has been configured, user can execute it by clicking on the ENABLE MOTOR button.


Some homing parameters could only be available for specific homing methods.

It is necessary for a good motion performance to tune the servo loops before executing any homing method.

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