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The Composer tool is an integrated development environment for developing and debugging programs for Ingenia Servo Drive Controllers.

Programs, also called "macros", are created by one or more instructions that can combine moves, gain adjustments, timed delays, etc. Program instructions can also apply conditional logic and jumps, control the Servo Drive's digital outputs, and monitor the digital inputs. Several general purpose registers can also be used for user convenience.

The Program window includes a top level toolbar with the following options:



Write reserved memory

Download BIOS into the system


Load a program from a file

Save All

Save program to file

Write All

Write all programs to drive

Set Interruptions

Write interruptions table into the drive

Macro Access

Select the macro to execute when RUN button is clicked


Executes the Macro Access selected


Stop current macro execution

Program Status

Indicates if a program is running or not

Below the toolbar, user can find information on the macro structure as follows:

Composer panel and edition space

To start programming a MACRO, click on the desired macro box. A tabbed view with en embedded toolbar will be displayed.

Adding instructions is as simple as selecting from a list box the desired command, click on Add button and filling its properties at the right panel.

Once the program is completed, click on the Write button to send it to the driver.

Start up macro

Macro #0 is always executed on power-up. Other macros need to be called explicitly or by means of an interrupt source. The user can create up to 60 different macros with up to 128 instructions.

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