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Updating your drive Firmware

Following is described the procedure to update the firmware of your Ingenia Servo Drive.

  1. Download the latest Firmware and XDD for your drive

    Make sure to download the Firmware version that matches to your drive specifications (CANopen, Serial, EtherCAT). Loading a different version will damage your drive.

  2. Connect the servo drive to your computer

    Make sure your drive is powered up.

    Once the power supply is on, the POWER LED will switch on. If the POWER LED is not on, please check the wiring.

    After a few seconds the CAN LED will start blinking.

  3. Open MotionLab from the Programs menu

    If your drive is not being detected on start up click on Scan Again or check the selected Baudrate and wiring.

  4. Once MotionLab detects your drive click on Update FW
  5. Browse and select the Firmware and click on Update Firmware
  6. Click OK to proceed.

    When updating the firmware all configurations will be lost. If you have already configured your drive make sure to save the configuration before updating the drive.

  7. If this method fails please contact Ingenia Support.
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