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  • [MOT3-207] - Show/Hide problems when left tool hidden using mouse
  • [MOT3-208] - Left and right toolbox buttons are not styled correctly
  • [MOT3-226] - Automatic scan of drives is not working properly

New Feature

  • [MOT3-164] - Modify ML3 to work with Everest
  • [MOT3-187] - Implement multilanguage support
  • [MOT3-210] - Read all registers in a different thread and let user know that the drive is "Loading"
  • [MOT3-223] - Add registers labels and categories in drive explorer


  • [MOT3-236] - Generate version 0.4 of ML3


  • [MOT3-131] - All the margins of labels and objects in the software must make sense
  • [MOT3-144] - ML3 should use Qt Resource (qrc) files
  • [MOT3-145] - ML3 should use compiled UI files
  • [MOT3-182] - Implement error handling for I/O operations
  • [MOT3-183] - Improve drive explorer filter to take childs into account
  • [MOT3-191] - Disable drive explorer tree when drive is disconnected
  • [MOT3-212] - Create a constants file to save all colors, sizes, margins that are in the code
  • [MOT3-213] - Add some kind of feedback to let user know which widget is selected
  • [MOT3-227] - Add limits to drive explorer parameters
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