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Connect to the Virtual Drive

Automatic connection

Upon opening, MotionLab3 will always offer the option to connect to the virtual drive which makes connecting to it as simple as pressing a button.

Simply hover the drive and press the Connect button to make the connection:


Manual connection

If you want to adjust the connection parameters, you can connect to the virtual drive manually following these steps:

  1. Open MotionLab3 and press the Add slave manually button:

  2. Select the communication protocol you would like to use from the dropdown (in this case Virtual drive):

  3. (Optional - select the dictionary that is used for the connection) Press the “Browse..” - button and select a file from your computer:

  4. The box next to the button will show the currently selected dictionary:

  5. The “Reset” - button can be used to reset the selected dictionary back to the built-in default:

  6. Connect to drive as before:

  7. MotionLab3 will now connect you to the drive:


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