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This feature can be accessed by clicking the button with a warning triangle sign in the top right corner of the main MotionLab3 window (green square below). Once clicked, the widget will appear at the bottom (orange square below) of your screen, showing a list of all the errors that have happened since the drive has been connected to the software. For each error, you can see the following information:

  • Timestamp → Time at which the error happened

  • Source → Name of the affected drive

  • Axis → Number of the affected axis

  • Category → Category / type of error

  • Error ID → The ID of the error according to the implementation in the firmware

  • Description → Description of the error

  • Severity → Severity of the error


For more information on error diagnosing and troubleshooting, please refer to the Error Management page within the Manual of your drive.

The easiest way is to navigate to the home page of the manuals and find your product name. The Error Management page is within the Manual → Reference Manual root page.

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