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How to change the current sensing resistor gain of my Everest in MotionLab3?

In order to change the current sensing resistor gain to use for current sensing, you need to use the following register: 0x4FF - current scaling gain factor. It can take the following values which related to the different current ranges and current sensing resolutions:

  • 0 → +/- 81.1 A, 2.475 mA/count
  • 1 → +/- 44.3 A, 1.352 mA/count
  • 2 → +/- 18.7 A, 0.570 mA/count
  • 3 → +/- 12.4 A, 0.379 mA/count

This register can be modified in either the Drive Explorer or Control widgets inside the MotionLab3 GUI.

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