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Signal Generator

This widget is used to generate a customized signal and inject it as a disturbance into our drive.

The configuration properties available for this widget are the following ones:

  • Generator Signal type: Type of the signal that we'll inject.
    The signal types available are:
    • Square
    • Sinusoidal
    • Sawtooth
  • Axis: Axis where we will select the signal
  • Signal: Register where we'll apply the disturbance.
  • Frequency: Frequency of the signal generated.
  • Amplitude: Signal amplitude (zero to peak)
  • Offset: Signal offset

In Figure 1 we can see the default configuration of Signal Generator when using it with Current Tune workspace and in Figure 2 the result of injecting this disturbance into the drive.

Figure 1. Signal generator configurated to inject a Square signal.

Figure 2. Result of the configuration in Figure 1.


I want to configure the Signal Generator like in Figure 1 but with the following requisites:

  • Show 4 signal cycles.
  • Amplitude = 2.
  • Offset = 1.

To achieve that we should configure the Signal Generator like:

Figure 3.

Figure 4. Result of the configuration in Figure 3.

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