Configuration verification is done on every access to a drive register. Some parameters are protected to avoid unreachable (or even dangerous) configurations, for example, selecting a nonexistent feedback. 

Configuration errors do not generate any reaction to the system operation.

The following error codes help to understand why the requested register access failed:

Error IdDefault severity and reactionReaction configurableDescriptionMeaning
0x0000738BInfo - Nothing-Trapezoidal commutation without digital halls not allowedTrapezoidal commutation without digital halls not allowed. Review commutation sensor configuration and phasing
Info - Nothing-Unsupported synchronization methodThe selected synchronization method doesn't exist or is not allowed in the current state
0x00007500Info - Nothing-Number of active feedbacks is higher than allowedThe number of selected feedbacks to be enabled is higher than the allowed one by the drive
0x00007503Info - Nothing-Access unsupported in the current state.The register is usually accessible but the access is currently disabled due to the drive state.
0x00007504Info - Nothing-Access unsupported because of local controlThe register is accessible under certain conditions that are not being satisfied. 
0x05040000Info - Nothing-COMKIT Timeout. CORE device is not properly connectedSpecific fault generated by COMKIT if the CORE product is not connected properly
0x06010000Info - Nothing-Incorrect access typeIt indicates that a read command has been requested to a write-only register of a write command has been requested to a read-only register
0x06020000Info - Nothing-Object does not existIt indicates that the requested register does not exist
0x06040041Info - Nothing-Object isn't cyclic mappable as requestedIt indicates that the register requested to be mapped into a cyclic frame is not cyclic
0x06040042Info - Nothing-Cyclic mapping is too largeIt indicates that the requested cyclic mapping is higher than the allowed space in the cyclic buffer
0x06070010Info - Nothing-Mapped cyclic register size is wrongThe requested size for the mapped cyclic register differs from the expected one by the drive
0x06090011Info - Nothing-Sub-Index does not existThe requested Sub-Index is not present in the device
0x060A0000Info - Nothing-Unsupported value introduced in registerValue to be written is outside the parameter range
0x08000000Info - Nothing-Read / Write operation not executedIt indicates that the requested register read or write was not executed
0x08010000Info - Nothing-Cyclic mapping key is wrongIt indicates that the requested cyclic register key doesn't exist
0x08010010Info - Nothing-Communication state is unreachableTransition from config to cyclic or from cyclic to config modes is unreachable in the current state
0x08010020Info - Nothing-Communication setting is not modifiable in the current stateA new mapping has been requested when the drive is in cyclic mode
0x08010030Info - Nothing-Invalid commandThe command requested by the master is unrecognized
0x08010040Info - Nothing-CRC errorA CRC error has been detected on the previous frame