This is a step by step guide to configure Ingenia slaves using MotionLab3:

  1. Download ( and install TwinCAT3 in your computer.
  2. Copy the appropriate ESI file (according to the firmware version that you have in your drive) in the following folder: C:\TwinCAT\3.1\Config\Io\EtherCAT
  3. Check the following link to scan the network: Connecting TwinCAT to Ingenia EtherCAT slave
  4. If you fail in the previous step to scan the drive correctly, make sure to check that you have the installed the Ethernet device that you are using by doing the following procedure:
    1. Before scanning, click on TWINCAT --> Show Realtime Ethernet Compatible Devices
    2. This will open a new window with the current installed devices and compatible/incompatible devices
    3. In the "incompatible devices" section, you will most likely find your current Ethernet adapter that you are using. Click on it and click on the button "Install"
    4. This will take a little bit of time but once it is finished the device should now appear in the "installed and ready to use devices" section
    5. After this, you should now be able to scan the drives without problem
  5. Double-click the slave that you want to config, and press Advanced Settings in EtherCAT tab.

  6. Go to "EoE" tab inside "Mailbox", and configure the IP Address that you want for the slave. Important note, it needs to be in the same domain as the IP that you configured for the Ethernet port or it will not be detected by MotionLab3. In this case we use "":

  7. Go to "TwinCAT" menu tab, and click "Reload Devices" option. Discard the option to enter "Free run mode". The drive needs to be in Pre-operational state before attempting to connect to MotionLab3.

  8. Open the newest version of MotionLab3.

  9. Go to Tools > Communications and choose "Ethernet" option.

  10. Go to "Tools" menu tab > Network configuration > Network adapters > Select your network adapter.

    Then click on Tools > Network configuration > Refresh network, and wait until the scan is complete. (NOTE: If you want to refresh another slave, you maybe have to restart ML3, to avoid some problems that will be solved in near future)

  11. After that, your connected slaves will appear in the Drive Explorer.
  12. Another way of scanning the drive is to select Tools > Network configuration > Add Slave Manually and enter the IP that you have set in TwinCAT