The MCB commissioning kit (COM-KIT) is a communications bridge between an Ingenia Motion Control Bus (MCB) based drive such as Capitan Core, or Everest Core, and an Ethernet port. It allows debugging, tuning, or commissioning servo drives using Ingenia MotionLab 3.

The MCB (sometimes abbreviated MCB or Motion Control Bus) is an open Ingenia protocol that allows board-level fast SPI communication between masters and slaves (axis). It is a fast, deterministic protocol that is intended to be used on a board to board communication and allows synchronization and safety.

Various connector solutions can be implemented on the target interface board (or Himalaya) depending on the application requirements, see Recommended MCB Cables. The COM-KIT requires an external 5 V, 2.5 W isolated external power supply to operate.

The following diagram shows the typical application of the MCB on an interface board. 

Part Numbering

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MCB Commissioning Kit

A fast bridge between MCB and an Ethernet port. 

Includes a short IDC cable and phoenix mating connector. 




Electrical and power specifications

Power supply voltage range

5 V ±10% 

4.5 V to 5.5 V

Maximum absolute power supply range

-6.5 V to +6.5 V

The COM-KIT will not be damaged if kept within this range but will shut-down if the voltage is not within the nominal range of 4.5 V to 5.5 V.

Maximum power supply consumption500 mA or 2.5 W

Nominal power supply consumption

340 mA or 1.7 W



  • Reverse polarity at 5 V supply input
  • Overvoltage lock-out and undervoltage lock-out at power supply input
  • High power TVS on power supply input
  • ESD protections on all inputs and outputs
  • I/O lines of MCB are short-circuit protected

Communications for Operation


Ingenia Motion Control Bus. MCB - Reference manual.

Up to 50 MHz.

MCB baud-rate is fixed to 48 MHz for releases < 1.4.6

MCB baud-rate is fixed to 12 MHz from release 1.4.7


Default communication interface. The COM-KIT comes pre-configured with IP address

Note: the COM-KIT does not support EtherCAT.

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature

Operation: -10 ºC to +50 ºC

Storage: -20 ºC to +85 ºC

Maximum humidity5% ~ 85% non-condensing
Pollution degree and installation environment

Pollution Degree 2 environment according to IEC 61800-5-1: Normally, only non-conductive pollution occurs. Occasionally,  a temporary conductivity caused by condensation is to be expected when the Everest is off. 

Mechanical specifications

62.0 mm x 47.75 mm x 17.5 mm

Tolerances ± 0.1 mm. Dimensions do not include mating connectors

Weight26 g ± 2 g

Product Revisions



First product version. Labeled i050C-H1-1.0.

Signaling LEDs




+5 V


LED is on with 5 V supply are present and correct.


(bi-color LED)

GreenFuture use.

Future use.



LED is on when an error event has occurred and the drive is trapped in the Fault state. This LED is physically controlled by MCB connector pin 1 (FAULT_OUT).