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Recommended MCB Cables

There are several options to interface the Commissioning Kit with your interface board. The PCB connector is a standard 2 row 14 pin 2.54 mm pitch connector 3M 30314-6002HB and several mating connectors can be plugged. 

Always keep in mind that the cable length should be kept as short as physically possible (≤ 10 cm) to avoid problems on the fast 50 MHz SPI lines. Next are some recommended cables.

Never Hot - Swap the connector

The MCB Commissioning Kit is NOT designed for "hot-swapping" or "hot-plugging" doing so can result in damage to the kit, the drive and cause unpredictable power drive movements.

Switching can only be done with the power supply on the interface board and the COM-KIT off. 

IDC Ribbon Cable 

The most convenient option is using a 14 pin IDC cable with 2.54 mm pitch. The part number 3M D89114-0131HK-3365/14-D-3 is recommended. It is also possible to crip the cable with standard IDC connectors using clip IDC receptacles lie 3M D89114-0131HK.

Always double check connector rotation and polarity.

PCB Plug-of Nails Debug Connector

For on-field commissioning or debugging it is suggested to use onboard test points. This adds no cost to the device PCB. Use Tag-Connect TC2070-IDC with the option the shorten the cable to 7 cm TAG-CONNECT-SHORTEN-IDC-CABLE.

For space-critical applications, it is possible to use TC2070-IDC-NL that has no holding legs. Note that this requires continuous pressure to ensure contact.

PCB Edge Debug Connector

For very space-constrained applications it is also possible to use edge connectors like TAG connect EC14-2AP-IDCGiven the length of this cable, communication issues might arise. Consider crimping the IDC connector shorter. 

Note: to minimize cable length related communication problems it is recommended to crimp a connector closer to the nails using a spare part 3M D89114-0131HK. 

Fly-wire, Jumper Wire

Fly-wires or Jumper wires can be also used. Take care to minimize the length and avoid big cable loops that could affect signal integrity, especially with SPI signals operating at up to 50 MHz. This can be a practical option interfacing with Himalaya or sherpa boards.  Suggested part number: Adafruit Industries LLC 1951.

This option is not recommended for permanent installations as it is prone to fail with vibration and has deteriorated contact. 

Rectangular Crimp Connector

A rectangular female connector can also be used. This is a good option for permanent solutions when the drive PCB mating is different than the standard 2.54 mm pitch header. 

The suggested receptacle with the polarizing key is Molex 0022552142. Pre-crimped leads are available Molex 0797580003.

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