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  • CAP-297 Some registers are not being stored
  • CAP-296 Registers 0x709 and 0x70A are not loading its default value
  • CAP-293 Reference angle offset cannot be written and its value is not well computed when doing phasing
  • CAP-287 Cannot read FW version in Motionlab (EoE)
  • CAP-286 Power stage temp 3 reads 0 when mapped to a PDO
  • CAP-245 ECAT store is not storing rated current
  • CAP-233 Quick stop option code is not working
  • CAP-212 EtherCAT cable disconnection safety reaction not working
  • CAP-206 PDO mappings and PDO assigns have no default value


  • CAP-248 Monitoring byte access instead of block
  • CAP-231 Refactor all internal position variables to int32

New Feature

  • CAP-237 Positioning option code is not implemented
  • CAP-236 Halt option code is not implemented

Known issues


EMCY is not working and neither registers 0x1001 and 0x1003

Use manufacturer-specific registers for error management.

  • Last Error
  • Error total number
  • Error list index request

  • Error list requested code


Max and min position limits not working

CAP-311Cable disconnection reaction is always faultNone.
CAP-313Register BiSS2 frame size is not being storedIf using BiSS-C 2, re-configure BiSS-C 2 frame after power up before operation.
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