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  • S-curve:
    • CAP-599 A positive velocity demand appears in a negative direction movement
    • CAP-753 At the end of a movement, the velocity demand is taking the velocity set-point value
    • CAP-754 High velocity command is sent when profile is latched
    • CAP-755 Acceleration discontinuity when latching new setpoints
    • CAP-756 Overshoot occurs when latching with non-zero initial velocities
    • CAP-292 When a profile position S-curve movement ends, velocity demand is set to profiler max. velocity instead of 0 rev/s
  • Object dictionary:
    • CAP-721 System last error has bad data type
    • CAP-717 Some registers have incorrect names
    • CAP-705 Torque demand register is missing in CANopen
    • CAP-594 Access error, reading CANopen identification registers
    • CAP-503 Analog value is missing
    • CAP-508 Halt option code is RO and should not
    • CAP-436 CANopen register 0x1f56 has wrong value
    • CAP-408 Registers 0x1008 and 0x100A are only present in online dictionary, not in the offline one (ESI file)
    • CAP-716 Incorrect accesses and defaults of registers between products

    • CAP-686 Registers command source 1 and 2 must be RO
    • CAP-695 Registers store and restore all cannot be read
    • CAP-687 Analog gains and offsets have to be RW
    • CAP-241 Missing bootloader version register 
    • CAP-621 Missing register restart all feedbacks
    • CAP-628 Reference angle offset register has to be RW
  • Communications:

    • CAP-624 CAN drive unable to recover from bus OFF state

    • CAP-588 Lifeguard error is sending two EMCY error messages
    • CAP-576 Having EOE working can hang the drive after some time
    • CAP-459 Fix EDS file errors
  • Feedbacks
    • CAP-675 Actual position is not computed correctly when using BiSS-C absolute multiturn encoder in system with gearbox
    • CAP-313 Register BiSS2 frame size is not being stored
    • CAP-267 Feedback runaway check is not working with Absolute encoders
  • CAP-611 Drive gets stuck in fault state and is unable to reset it

  • CAP-528 Forced alignment might not work with analog command source selected

  • CAP-481 Minimum high side on time is necessary to generate output signal without distorsion at maximum duty

  • CAP-417 Correct value of register min low side time on 

  • CAP-598 Incorrect implementation of derivative continuity feature

  • CAP-674 Following error bit is not updated correctly in statusword register 

  • CAP-651 With ethernet, disturbance is sometimes not loading correctly

  • CAP-650 EtherCAT EEPROM product string name is wrong

  • CAP-635 CAP-CORE velocity filter should be 1 as default value

  • CAP-595 Derivative part of position PID is not working

  • CAP-567 PDO mapping and configuration are not stored into the NVM for CANopen version

  • CAP-542 Under temperature threshold has to be -20ÂșC

  • CAP-541 Communications watchdog error option code 2 and 3 are not working as expected

  • CAP-540 Interpolation time exponent not working properly and goes to 0

  • CAP-533 Brake frequency is not working

  • CAP-499 Ethernet link-activity LED signalling wrong behaviour

  • CAP-497 Port1 led should blink when having Ethernet application

  • CAP-413 Register Command source 1 cannot be stored in NVM

  • CAP-283 Correct EtherCAT CTT errors

  • CAP-694 Derivative filter of the control loop PID is wrong

  • CAP-443 Reset monitoring also reset disturbance

  • CAP-464 Motor temperature reading problems in several modes


  • Monitoring and disturbance:

    • CAP-763 Remove monitoring buffer size limits
    • CAP-764 Protect monitoring read data form size 0

    • CAP-758 Add monitoring submodule version register

    • CAP-759 Add monitoring status additional bits

    • CAP-761 Create a monitoring status register

    • CAP-762 Add monitoring trigger status

    • CAP-768 Implement a mechanism to detect wrong update rate
  • CAP-521 Rename Force Boot register

  • CAP-438 CANopen bus off detection

  • CAP-333 Remove high side time on

  • CAP-311 Cable disconnection reaction is always fault and it should be configurable

  • CAP-643 Change default behavior of brake override

  • CAP-535 Missing COREs option code enums

  • CAP-506 Distinguish names on CANopen dictionary between manufacturer and CiA registers

  • CAP-723 Document error queue registers

  • CAP-699 Current quadrature/direct min/max output default values should be set to 48 V, not 24 V

  • CAP-524 EtherCAT and PWM PLL registers needs to be added

  • CAP-482 Create register to report maximum bus utilization

New Feature

  • CAP-641 Add if halt is active in the 15th bit of the status word
  • CAP-525 Fault reset input implementation

  • CAP-673 Add control loops error registers

  • CAP-523 Add Ethernet IP address configuration registers. IP address is now configurable

  • CAP-475 Implement link LED to CANopen FW (Ethernet)

  • CAP-708 Add functionality to enable or disable the +5V output of the drive

  • CAP-696 Add a protection in case packages are not received from an EtherCAT master

Known issues


Sometimes register Biss-C 2 frame size gives an error when writing it


Halt is not working properly in some modes (velocity, profile velocity and profile position)


Homing on current position with active position limits triggers positioning error

Set the position inside the limits
CAP-748Motor temperature reading can be out of limits under some conditionsSet a valid temperature sensor configuration
CAP-744Kd filter should not take 0 value-
CAP-741Interpolation time exponent should not take negative values-

Halt option code register (0x605D) can't be read and write

Use manufacturer specific register 0x2620

EtherCAT register 0x6502 value is wrong


This version introduces new storable registers. It is necessary to follow a special update procedure:

  • Save the drive configuration to a file.
  • Restore the drive to defaults.
  • Update to the new firmware.
  • Load again the drive configuration from the previously saved file.

It may be necessary to redo the phasing.

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