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New Feature

  • CAP-978 Implement the 0x1029 Error Behavior register

  • CAP-1000 Detect a disconnected BiSS-C encoder

  • CAP-1002 Add global system reset

  • CAP-1005 Add support to configure STO error reaction

  • CAP-1006 Add capability to detect a wrong ADC offset calibration

  • CAP-1032 Add a new STO error to force stop the PWM if STO is activated in operation enable state

  • CAP-1036 Add a new absolute encoder type based on SSI but with different scheme clocks

  • CAP-1035 New error (0x0007385) triggered when the drive starts up in position mode outside of position limits

  • CAP-1017 Implement brake current control


  • CAP-794 MAC address format is incorrect

  • CAP-834 Lifeguard EMCY is not sent upon every lifeguard error

  • CAP-915 Warnings not being cleared from the system error queue

  • CAP-963 Register Communication cycle timeout 0x5EC5 not being stored in CANopen FW

  • CAP-994 EtherCAT link is lost after SW reset (from boot to application)

  • CAP-1003 Review CiA variables PDO mapping

  • CAP-1027 Enable RPDO length error EMCY

  • CAP-1037 Position mask is not being applied to absolute encoder frames

  • CAP-1038 The drive returns an incorrect configuration error when modifying some registers while the motor is enabled

  • CAP-1041 Bad EMCY message after CAN bus off

  • CAP-1043 When forcing a CAN bus off state, the ERR LED is not steady on

  • CAP-1049 Fix default values

  • CAP-1054 Positioning Following Error 0x60f4 is always reporting 0


  • CAP-998 Replace absolute encoder "wait cycles" with a "maximum refresh rate"

  • CAP-1033 Control loops feedback options register should be RW

Known issues





Wrong value conversion between homing speeds (CiA to manufacturer)



Absolute encoder stops responding when reconnected



Feedback CLK not being reset after changing the refresh rate



Register 0x1003 subindex 1 returns an error code when connecting to the device using MotionLab 1.5.0 through CAN. It does not affect the drive functionality and will be fixed in future MotionLab release.


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