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Changing IP address

This section describes the methodology to be followed to change the Ethernet network parameters of a Summit device.

IP address, network mask and gateway are configurable through the next registers:

  • IP address
  • Netmask
  • Gateway address

Summit devices are delivered with the same IP by default, Therefore it is required to change the network parameters connecting every device point to point to the master before connecting the final network.

Every device in the Ethernet network must have a unique IP address. Check the reserved addresses before setting a new one.

Changes are not applied immediately after writing those registers. The steps required to apply a new network settings are:

  1. Connect the Summit device point to point to the PC (or master).
  2. Change the adapter network parameters of the PC to match with the Summit device network.
    E.g. setting the adapter to
  3. Open Motionlab and connect to the Summit device.
    E.g. by default it will be in
  4. Open the Inspector with the Drive Explorer selected, and click on "Change IP" button.
  5. Follow the instructions on Motionlab.
    Finally the drive will be disconnected.
  6. Power off the drive.
  7. Change the adapter network parameters of the PC to match with the new settings.
  8. Power on the drive.
  9. Connect again with Motionlab with the new IP settings.
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