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0x2435 - PWM command source


Sub Index


Data Type


Pdo Map.


Value range

Default value


0x24350x02PWM input motion offsetINT32RWNoYesINT320motion units
0x24350x03PWM input velocity deadbandUINT32RWNoYesINT320counts / s
0x24350x04PWM input motion range (from 2.3.0)INT32RWNoYesINT320motion units
0x24350x05PWM duty actual (from 2.3.0)UINT16RONoNoUINT160
0x24350x06PWM period actual (from 2.3.0)UINT16RONoNoUINT160μs

Motion units

Motion units means that the units depends on the selected mode of operation.Examples:

  • Mode of operation: Profile position. Motion units: counts
  • Mode of operation: Cyclic Sync velocity. Motion units: counts / s
  • Mode of operation: Profile Torque. Motion units: ‰ of rated torque


There are two main modes of working with PWM command source:

  • PWM & direction (Dual input mode): It uses two inputs; one to assign the magnitude of the movement and another to assign the direction:
    •  Applying a "LOW" voltage value to direction pin will make the system to go in negative directions.
    •  Applying a "HIGH" voltage value to direction pin will make the system to go in positive directions.
  • PWM (Single input mode): It uses only one input to control the direction and the magnitude.

The direction and magnitude pins and the input voltage values are hardware dependent. Please refer to the Installation manual of the related drive.

Value definition:




Single input mode


Dual input mode


The subindexes PWM input motion offset and PWM input motion range are used to scale the PWM read value into the desired motion units.

PWM input motion offset is only used in Single input mode.

The PWM input velocity deadband is only applied for velocity modes. If the difference between the value of the input and the 0 reference is smaller than deadband value, the input will be considered null.  

The subindexes PWM duty actual and PWM period actual contain the parameters of the current PWM input.


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