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Version 2.4.14


  • [EMCL-760] - Unclear behaviour of fault 0x8280.
  • [EMCL-1145] - Incorrect object access with ECAT version.
  • [EMCL-1169] - DC analog tachometer does not show correct speed value.
  • [EMCL-1193] - Timer interruption is executed directly after boot up, without respecting the time programmed (Macros).
  • [EMCL-1199] - Quickstop function from the controlword does not function properly in profile velocity.

New Feature

  • [EMCL-1149] - Add registers to identify the bootloader.


  • [EMCL-757] - Create an option to force the drive to redo initial angle determination.
  • [EMCL-1188] - Change default velocity encoder resolution.
  • [EMCL-1196] - Allow more values for max. clock rate for SSI absolute encoder configuration.

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