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MCB diagnosis

MCB device includes its own diagnosis and protections described on Drive protections page. Fault reactions and error readings are configurable and accessible by the master through dedicated registers.

Detailed information can be seen in Error management.

Additionally, the MCB device includes 2 signals to allow fast reactions on the master side:

  • FAULT_IN. This signal is used by the master to force a fault reaction into the MCB device. The reaction to this signal is configurable. The behaviour of this signal is described in the following table:

    Signal valueMCB device status
    HIGHHealthy state
    LOWError state

    The reaction of the MCB device to this signal is configurable by means of the External fault option code and External error signal reaction registers.

    When External fault option code register is set to Fault, register External error signal reaction will decide what to do.

  • FAULT_OUT. This signal is generated by the MCB device to notify the master that a fault has been generated. This helps to master so it reacts faster than reading the drive status from the communications. The behavior of this signal is described in the next table:

    Signal valueMCB device status
    HIGHFault state
    LOWAny other state (included fault reaction active state)

    Further details about the state machine in Operation.

Communication loss

A communications watchdog can be configured to monitor frame reception when a periodic communication is expected. This watchdog is enabled when the configured communications watchdog window register is greater than 0, and when the drive has passed through the "Ready to switch on" state.

The reaction of this error can be configured via the Communications watchdog error option code.

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