Ensure you have the motor datasheet information available.

Check that the motor is correctly secured and will not be dangerous while moving. 

For your own safety:

  • Do not exceed the motor current ratings which can cause serious burns or fire to the motor!
  • If the motor has a temperature sensor, configure and use it. 
  • Set overvoltage and undervoltage limits according to your power supply ratings to protect it and prevent damage.

Follow the steps on the configuration wizard of MotionLab 3 that will guide through the process of configuring and tuning the motor and feedbacks.

A good adjustment will improve the electrical efficiency and dynamics of the system.

When you have successful configuration settings, store them on the drive and (optional) a backup file for future use. Check Loading / Saving & Storing / Restoring configurations for further information.

Ready for operation

The Everest XCR can be now controlled by a Master. Take all precautions as there may be unexpected movements when commissioning the motion system. 

Please have the Everest XCR - Reference manual available during Master configuration.