• SUMMIT-2786 CAN store all is not working

  • SUMMIT-2714 Fake soft-multiturn is happening when the encoder position oscillates around "0" 

  • SUMMIT-2703 Protect encoder resolution from 0 value

  • SUMMIT-2701 Deprecated Current loop feedback bypass register

  • SUMMIT-2682 Drive moves 1 entire revolution when settings absolute encoder offset and position range settings

  • SUMMIT-2681 CAN drive unable to recover from bus OFF state


  • SUMMIT-2767 ECAT cable disconnection error detected during boot up

  • SUMMIT-2718 Improve error notification
  • SUMMIT-2760 Add node information to error management

  • SUMMIT-2704 Don't allow quality factor equal to 0 or negative in filters

  • SUMMIT-2699 Mask voltage errors in power stage if Vbus charge has not happened

  • SUMMIT-2695 Decrease ADC sampling time

  • SUMMIT-2694 Make ADC sampling delay configurable

  • SUMMIT-2693 Make "low side on time" dependent of switching frequency

  • SUMMIT-2562 Allow disconnecting feedbacks from control loops

New Feature

Known issues

SUMMIT-2538CANopen lifeguard ERR LED malfunctioningNone. Is only visual, it does not affect correct functionality
SUMMIT-2603EtherCAT and CAN register 0x6502 value is wrongNone

This version introduces new storable registers. It is necessary to follow a special update procedure:

  • Save the drive configuration to a file.
  • Restore the drive to defaults.
  • Update to the new firmware.
  • Load again the drive configuration from the previously saved file.

It may be necessary to redo the phasing.

Make sure that Error notification source register is properly configured.